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More than 12 veterans were transferred to a homeless shelter in Kentucky on Friday to make room for a Coronavirus treatment center. 

The veterans were staying at the Ft. Thomas Domiciliary in Ft. Thomas, Kentucky as part of a six-month VA program aimed at helping them get back on their feet. Unfortunately, as of Friday, March 20th, the VA has transferred them to the Joseph House and the Volunteers of America facility in order to make room for the new treatment center. 

“I thought I was about to get my life back together, and now I’m being put right back in the same situation again,” said Navy veteran Timothy Bevis to Local 12 News

“I suffer with PTSD issues and the stuff that’s happened in the military. I was hoping to get help with that while I’m here, and now that’s all out the door.”

Thursday, a VA spokesman said the veterans would be given iPads in order to continue seeing counselors online, but as of Friday the veterans say they have not received anything.


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