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“The United States is the largest single provider of humanitarian assistance worldwide.”

US State Department

There is something palpably enduring about selfless courage. There’s an intrinsic depth indelible that resonates and ripples. Its admirers cast courage in bronze and carve it into cliffs.

When we think of the US military, we often think of soldiers in combat, fighting for our freedom and security. But there’s another side to the military that often goes unnoticed: their role as providers of humanitarian aid.

But sacrificial bravery’s most enduring impression is sealed in the lives on which it is spent. It is a sovereign silver that is the currency standard of being human. If there is an industry today that can boast a wealth of the silver vein of courage, it is those who commit their lives in uniform to their country and to serving those in need around the world

In the midst of a revolving list of tragedies, the US military is in the trenches making a difference. Through the generosity of the American people, the United States is providing vital assistance to countries around the world.

US aid is life & death

From Yemen to Venezuela, from the Philippines to Mozambique, the US is providing food and medical aid to those in need. This assistance is making a real difference in the lives of people in crisis, providing food and medical supplies that can mean the difference between life and death.

“Our assistance provides urgent, life-saving support, including food, shelter, safe drinking water, improved sanitation and hygiene, emergency healthcare services, child protection programs, and education, among other activities.  This assistance is provided as close to refugees’ homes as possible in order to ensure timely access to assistance and mitigate against the need for dangerous onward travel.  This approach also helps facilitate the safe and voluntary return to their countries of origin, if and when conditions allow them to do so.”

US State Department
United States Air Force personnel from the 401st Expeditionary Air Base Group from Tuzla Air Base, provide security around the Mother and Child Refugee Center in Simin Han, located in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They delivered toys, food, and clothing to the refugee center. The center houses refugees from Srebrenica, whose fathers were killed or missing from the Balkan Conflicts.

US soldiers are more than just defenders of freedom. They’re also delivering hope and support to people in need around the world. From delivering food and medical supplies in war-torn countries like Syria, to helping those affected by natural disasters like Mozambique, US soldiers are on the front lines of humanitarian aid. And it’s not just about delivering aid. US soldiers are also building relationships and strengthening ties with people in other countries.

Fighting for freedom & peace for the world

Ambassadors of Peace: Besides providing for their immediate needs, the military’s humanitarian work provides for more stable and prosperous societies, and by extension promotes peace and security around the world. When we think of US soldiers, remember they’re not just fighting for our freedom, they’re also fighting for the freedom and well-being of people around the world– those that cannot defend themselves.

In addition to their primary mission of defending our nation, US soldiers are also deployed around the world to provide aid and support to people in crisis.

Service Before Self: The American military prioritizes the needs of other– and that doesn’t just mean service to Americans, but service to humanity. The United States has the resources and the expertise to make a real difference in people’s lives. The military takes that responsibility very seriously.

Every year, thousands of US soldiers are deployed around the world to provide aid and support to people in crisis. From delivering food and medical supplies in war-torn countries to helping those affected by natural disasters, these soldiers are on the front lines of humanitarian aid.

For soldiers on the ground, the work of delivering aid can be both challenging and rewarding. They often face difficult terrain, dangerous conditions, and language barriers, but they also get to see firsthand the impact of their efforts.

In many cases, US soldiers are also involved in long-term projects to improve the lives of people in the communities where they work. By partnering with local leaders and organizations, we can identify the needs of the community and work to build sustainable solutions. Whether it’s improving access to clean water, building schools, or training local health workers, we’re helping to build a better future for these communities.

Many of the stories of courage and sacrifice by US military soldiers are untrumpeted. Nonetheless, unsung songs of service still resonate; their notes etched indelibly into the scores of lives saved.

“And whoever gives one of these little ones even a cup of cold water because he is a disciple, truly, I say to you, he will by no means lose his reward.”

Matthew 10:42