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The governments 90 Day Apprenticeship Blitz is coming to a close!

But for companies looking to learn more down the road come join us at MATS 2022! We’re honoring our country’s heroes who have transitioned into trucking and we will offer actionable strategies to level-up your company’s veteran hiring program

  • The education session will be hosted by Matt Roland, Veterans In Trucking and Brad Bentley & Dave Harrison of FASTPORT.

Right turns may be hard in trucking, but with the supply chain crisis and driver shortage hitting a fever pitch, the U.S. government is taking a ninety degree turn when it comes to trucking and veterans. It’s offering to help companies and carriers develop accelerated, qualified apprenticeship programs… for free.

Trucking apprenticeships see up to 90% driver retention. 

And even the President is involved. 

Because the need and the numbers are dramatic, and they speak for themselves:

  • NINETY percent of drivers will be gone by the end of their first year with a company.
  • But up to NINETY percent of drivers that are in apprenticeship programs stay for the long term.

FASTPORT definitely knows those stats. FASTPORT is partnered with the Department of Labor for the trucking industry, and they are working to make the turn on getting drivers into seats.

During the Ninety Day Blitz, apprenticeship development programs are now available for free. They’re cutting the red tape too: the program is highly accelerated. It takes just 48 hours for qualifying companies, according to FASTPORT’s Dave Harrison.

Carriers, owner operators, and any parties looking to develop their own qualified apprenticeship program are welcome to get streamlined qualification. The Department of Labor describes it as, “The 90-Day Trucking Apprenticeship Challenge kicks off on December 16 and seeks to promote the apprenticeship model as a solution to get more well-trained drivers on the road.”

Veterans are specifically being fiercely pursued by the trucking industry. Displaying a flag on a company website feels simple. But a shocking number of carriers have taken zero measures toward veteran readiness. 

  • NINETY percent of veterans are looking for an American flag when they make a job decision

The evidence is already in on the success of these programs: Companies like Yellow Freight got in early with apprenticeships, and they enjoy an astonishing ninety percent retention rate on drivers. Jason Schenkel of Yellow told CDLLife that they invest in veteran drivers for their loyalty and because they consistently give back to the company.

With the government’s ninety degree turn on helping trucking companies and drivers, it’s exciting to know that FASTPORT’s apprenticeship programs are helping the trucking industry to make a right turn.