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A portion of a brand new memorial was hauled in to Scranton, Pennsylvania earlier today as the town prepares to erect it’s most recent tribute to veterans. 

A congregation of VFWs lined the streets to salute the memorial as it drove past, honoring those who gave their lives. 

“This is what veterans do. This is what VFWs do,” said one of the members of the local VFW – the organization that actually came up with the idea for the new memorial.  

The new memorial will go up in front of Scranton High School and stadium along a busy roadway, where thousands of people are sure to see it every day, reported ABC 16.

Although the town is home to several other veterans memorials, this one stands out by bearing the names of approximately 400 veterans who have never been memorialized before. 

It will bear the names of about 1,000 veterans from Scranton who were killed in action or who died while serving during wartime. Some are on other plaques in the city, but there will be 400 additional names here of people who served and died but who have never been memorialized before.

“We thought we were going to get a handful. It turned out to be close to 400 veterans,” said Pat Ahern, a member of the VFW. 

“We’re thankful that we are able to honor these veterans now, after all these years. Some of them from World War I, over 100 years ago. Finally, they’re getting their name on a monument,” Ahern added.

The project has been underway for five years and it’s dedication will finally take place on July 25th, 2020.


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