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“Everyday they put their boots on to protect us.”

Glenn Merrill’s got real pull. 

This week, he broke the Guinness World Record for pulling a truck that weighed 37,000 pounds! He beat out the previous record by a full 10,000 pounds. 

On what it feels like to pull a truck: “There was a moment, where I was like did I just do that? And then I thought the next step is to pull a locomotive.”

But the long haul to this victory wasn’t easy. While Glenn was driving he says he gained weight rapidly. He clocked in at 300 pounds at his heaviest, and he knew it was time for a change. 

“I was actually getting winded tying my shoes.”

Unbelievably, this entire journey has only taken four months! Through diet and exercise, he’s transformed his body– dropping 80 pounds. Within just a few months, he was pulling trucks, while using his new found strength to topple driver inhibitions to getting healthy.

Impressively, Glenn did his world-record-breaking stunt in jeans and a t-shirt… while sitting. Glenn wants truck drivers to know that they can make simple adjustments to their diet, to making time to exercise and get in shape.

And he’s doing it all to encourage drivers to be healthier, and recognize the important role veterans and first responders play in protecting our country.

He wants Americans to know that, “Every day you wake up and you’re free to walk out the door– remember that someone gave their life, or part of their life for that freedom.”

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