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In one of the most patriotic industries in the country, even among trucking companies TMC stands out for being pro-veteran. They boast a veteran driver force of thirty-six percent, and they’re proud of their intentional work to transition veterans into a top-paying job.

TMC Transportation Receives 2023 Military Friendly Designations Winner

Their efforts are being recognized industry-wide: This year makes the sixth year running that they’ve won this award.

VIT asked TMC Driver Teravonic Richards About Driving for TMC

Recently, Veterans In Trucking reached out to one of the veterans that drives for TMC to hear a little bit about his service, and why he chose to drive for TMC.

Teravonic joined the Navy in 2005 to see the world. And he did– France, Germany, Italy, parts of Africa, touring in South East Asia… it was an adventure. But like many veterans it was the people that made it truly special, “I made friends I’ll have the rest of my life. The brothers and sisters that I met.”

When asked why he became a driver, Teravonic says that, “I feel like I am still supporting the country.” He adds that, “It’s a very lucrative industry.”

He joined TMC in particular because his recruiter explained that, “because I’m military it was a good fit.” And just like his time in the Navy it’s still the people that make the work count, “Working with trucking— it’s a family.”

Veterans In Trucking also reached out to Military & Veteran Field Recruiter, Ryan Robida, to hear more about TMC’s intentional work to recruit veterans:

Keeping It In the (Military) Family

“Over 36% of our Drivers are Veterans. This leads to a culture of inclusion and uniformity, with our veteran Drivers working for and with fellow team members who have similar experiences while serving.”

Veterans Make for Loyal Drivers

“As you know, there is a lot of turnover in the Transportation industry. TMC found that seeking Veterans and Veteran Drivers helps us reduce that turnover. We realize that every transitioning servicemember served continuously for their contracted obligation to their nation, and learned to adapt and overcome adversity.” 

On Winning the 2023 Pro-Veteran Award

“We take these awards very seriously, especially me! As a retired Army Master Sergeant, meeting and hiring veterans is my passion…TMC is constantly seeking veterans to join our team, and we honor their service, sacrifice, integrity, and commitment to our country. Many employers within the community hire veterans, sure. But at TMC – it is a top priority!!”