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Veteran trucker Terry Folsom loves trucking, BBQ, and America’s heroes – so he found a way to combine the two. 

Since 2000, Folsom has traveled across the country in his 1997 Peterbilt 379 with a custom 76-foot barbeque grill and pit trailer, feeding police, first responders, and volunteers in areas that need it. Widely considered the largest BBQ trailer in the world, the trailer boasts a Texas-shaped fire box and 24 smoking compartments, allowing Folsom to cook anywhere between 8,000 and 12,000 pounds of meat at a time – giving him the ability to feed thousands of people at once if necessary. For example, back in 2017 Folsom used his special rig to feed 55,000 first responders, volunteers, and victims of Hurricane Harvey in 11 days. 

But all those grills and smoke-pits come at a cost. The semi truck and trailer is so huge that a special permit and escort is needed to even drive down the road. 

“It is costly to move it,” says Kimberly King, Folsom’s wife.

“We have to have special escorts because it is overweight and over length. To move it out of our driveway alone we have to have people block traffic,” she added. 

The grills themselves even take two and a half hours to reach the correct temperatures. Luckily, the rig, nicknamed “Undisputable Cuz,” also features a refrigerated cooler complete with beer kegs and taps on the outside – perfect for quenching your thirst as you await the perfect BBQ. 

Folsom says he loves combining his three passions – giving back to the community, grilled meat, and trucking. 

Check out the video of the impressive rig, below.


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