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Today, President Trump held a special event on the White House lawn specifically honoring truck drivers and their hard work and dedication amid the coronavirus crisis. 

“Thank God for Truckers. That’ll be our theme,” Trump stated at the top of his speech. 

“That’s the real deal. You wouldn’t switch jobs with anybody. I know truckers, you wouldn’t switch with anybody. It’s what they love. That’s why they’re good at it.” he continued. 

“From the moment the invisible enemy landed on our shores America’s 3.5 million truckers have never wavered at all. And they’ve never ever let us down.”

The President then stepped aside to allow several actual truck drivers from across the country to recount their experience delivering our country’s good during this pandemic, promising to present special awards to all of them. 

Check out the full speech by the POTUS during this special celebration, below.


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