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Sierra Delta’s mission is to empower every Veteran, disabled and non-disabled, with access to approved dog training that provides purpose, innovation, and community through the love of dogs.

Sierra Delta dogs are on a mission- they work as proven aids to help our veterans recover, whatever obstacles they may face. Veterans that apply, “do not need to have a disability or specific need to be in a Sierra Delta program with a dog.”

Sierra Delta dogs is proud to support this nation’s heroes. “We assess the unique nature of every Veteran’s needs, personality, and lifestyle to recommend a best-fit program,” according to Sierra Delta’s program trainers. They also provide life long support for both veterans and their dog-companion.

Sierra Delta’s canine companions provide US veterans with the love and support of a loyal companion. Each dog is carefully trained to meet the unique needs of our veterans, offering comfort and joy every day.

Veterans Affairs has asserted the importance that service dogs play in aiding their veterans, “The use of emotional support animals and therapy animals has risen dramatically over the years and has provided an important benefit to many within the veteran community. A wide body of anecdotal evidence and scientific studies reflects what many already suspected—animal companionship can help support positive outcomes in physical and mental health.”

Sierra Delta dogs are more than pets, they are partners in the life of a hero. They help our veterans combat stress, depression, and anxiety, providing unconditional love and support every step of the way.

At Sierra Delta, they understand the sacrifices our veterans have made for our country and they are honored to give back by offering them the love and support of a loyal companion and best friend.

Join us in supporting our nation’s heroes. Adopt a Sierra Delta dog today.