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A veterans group is on the hunt for the relatives of a soldier whose dog tags were recently found on a French battlefield. 

According to The Hawaii Tribune-Herald, in July of 2019, a relic-hunter was searching a French World War II battlefield when he discovered a dog tag with the name Hiroshi Sakamoto. He soon contacted the Japanese American Veterans Association and asked for their help in locating the relatives of the man, who was ranked private first class and served in the Headquarters Company of the 100th Infantry Battalion, born March 17, 1922, in Hilo, Hawaii. The Army serial number listed on the tag is 30101437.

Interestingly enough, the dog tag also included an address – 546 Laukapu St. in Hilo, Hawaii, and the name Chiyoko Sakamoto. Upon further investigation, census records reveal Sakamoto had an older sister with the same name, and parents listed as Joichi M. and Misao Sakamoto.

Although it is not certain that Sakamoto was a casualty of war, Retired U.S. Air Force Col. Frank Nekoba, who is involved in the case, says that “my assumption is he did not survive, (which is) why his dog tags were found in the ground there. If he had survived, he would still have his dog tags.”

“He [the man who found them] really wants to send the dog tags back to the family,” continued Nekoba. 

Any family members of Sakamoto are encouraged to contact JAVA at [email protected].


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