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Two veterans are walking across the entire United States in order to raise awareness about PTSD in military veterans. 

Military veterans John Ring and Jimmy Matthews began their journey on Tybee Island in Georgia and will continue walking until they reach Santa Monica Pier in California. 

“Veterans are struggling all around the county. It is not isolated to one area; it is not isolated to one branch of service. It is not isolated to one gender. Men and women all deal with the same issues,” said Ring to 7 News in Odessa, Tx. 

These issues are why the pair started their journey and continue to educate everyone they encounter. 

“I want the community to reach out and let them know they are not alone. When they are in their time of struggle when you see a veteran thank them for their service and let them know they are not alone in this fight,” said Matthews.

With 1,500 miles already completed, the two say they will not stop until they reach the pier in Santa Monica. 

“Veterans pretty much just want you to know that they are struggling. They are human beings. They just want to talk to people that understand and want the community to reach out and let them know they are not alone,” continued Matthews.

“We are all on the same mission out here. We are all trying to help veterans. We are all trying to raise awareness of the issue. I think that is probably the biggest message that I can give. That is just not West Texas, not just Texas, that is all over the county,” said Ring.


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