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8-year-old Greyson Winfield dreams of one day becoming a US Navy Seal, but for now, he is serving his country the best way he can – by providing those who served with food. 

Greyson and his older brother Garrett have been collecting gift cards, food and other useful items with the help of their father Greg, even starting Helping Footprint, an organization aimed at inspiring kids to help their community. 

The brothers even mow yards for veterans who may no longer be able to, reported Fox News.

“It’s pretty amazing. He’s a real special guy,” Greg said of his young son. 

“Helping Footprint — that he came up with pretty much on his own. You know, me and mom helped him with it a little bit. But, he’s a pretty amazing kid.”

Greg and his wife both worked as volunteer firefighters back in New Jersey. “So, I guess it runs in the blood,” Greg said. 

“But, even at a young age, we noticed that he was a helper.”

“[Greyson], at 4-years-old, was starting to give away toys at Christmas time because the answer we got [was] ‘well, there are some kids that don’t have a lot like us, Dad. So, we want to be able to help them so they can have Christmas,'” he recalled.

“I couldn’t be prouder of him,” added older brother Garrett.

Helping Footprint is currently accepting donations on the Facebook page and plan on giving out gift cards to help feed those in need during the pandemic.


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