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This month, Melton Truck Lines awarded the title of Rookie of the Month to a deserving member of their team, Marine Corps Veteran Mark Buzek. 

Buzek joined Melton Truck Lines in September 2019 after 10 years and multiple tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. He earned his CDL using his previous military experience, choosing Melton after encouragement from a friend. 

Buzek says his favorite state to drive through is Utah because of the beautiful scenery, and enjoys camping and other outdoor activities with his wife and rescue dog when he’s not working. 

 “Mark is a very hard worker and someone that plays no games. He is out here to run safely and I’m proud to work alongside him,” said Paul Marquez, Buzek’s Driver Manager. 

He appears to me as someone that is always successful at what he does. Mark is a great asset and a wonderful person. Future Ambassador here!”

Thank you for your service, Mark Buzek.


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