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Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes occasionally spends his days off helping build transitional housing for Kansas City’s homeless veteran community, reports We Are the Mighty

Mahomes contribution was a part of the Veterans Community Project, a nonprofit aimed at helping veterans in need stay off the streets. The founder of this organization, Chris Stout, is a former US Army corporal wounded in Afghanistan, leaving him with PTSD that made transitioning back into civilian life difficult.

Because of his experience, Stout and his organization provide tiny homes for veterans in Kansas City, giving them a better chance at getting a leg up.  

“We are the place that says ‘yes’ first and figures everything else out later,” Stout said.

“We serve anybody who’s ever raised their hand to defend our Constitution.”

Mahomes did his part by helping paint the tiny houses, making them inviting and pleasant for their future veteran residents.


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