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The national search is on to find America’s top military rookie driver.

“Honor to whom honor is due.” 

Romans 13:7

Truck sponsored by FASTPORT. Hiring Our Heroes. Kenworth.

Thank you for your service.

This year, you can do something to meaningfully thank those that answered the call to protect our country:

The Transition in Trucking Award is giving a Kenworth T680 to a deserving veteran who has successfully transitioned into serving our country as a trucker. It’s a life changing gift valued at over $155,000.

The runner ups will each be receiving $10,000 in recognition of their outstanding service and character both in the military and on the road.

Public voting started last week to honor one of three deserving finalists. You can watch their moving testimonials and learn more about them below:

It’s vital for Americans to recognize the courage and sacrifice practiced by those that serve their country in the military. In these days of peace, it’s easy to forget that very respite is the direct result of their commitment to our safety at home and abroad.

Often, it’s only those within the military family that realize the depth of our servicemen’s sacrifice. Finalist veteran Jimmy Riddell works to be actively kind to the servicemen he meets,  “I think the public underestimates the impact such small gestures of kindness can mean to our men and women who serve.  It would be my hope that others, through my example, would do the same for others in uniform.”

Meet finalist veteran Jimmy Riddell of Stevens Transport, US Army, Army Reserves who is still honoring his service: 

As a way to express my gratitude and thanks to others in the service of our country, I will always offer to buy a meal for anyone I see eating in uniform. I have experienced similar acts of kindness toward me during my time in uniform, and I am keenly aware of the appreciation associated with it.

Being an OTR truck driver was a career path I always held an interest in growing up. Upon completing my time in service and with my family on board, I found myself in a position to commit to my life-long desire to be a professional driver.  The idea of travelling/experiencing all 48 states, all the while making a living and serving my country through the delivery of necessary food and goods, was a dream come true. He likes that, through driving and with the help of Stevens Transport, I have been afforded an opportunity to see and appreciate parts of this country I never thought I would. 

Meet finalist veteran James Rose of PRIME Inc., US Marines, whose motto is about living a life of active courage:

I have a motto I created many years ago while still on active duty “ In Order To Stay In The Fight…You Have To First Be In It” it fits perfectly and culminates with my new career, it presents a great opportunity to invest in myself and prayerfully build a fleet of my own leased on through Prime helping create jobs so that hard working people can support their families and assist in the logistical movement of products, goods and services to the consumer.

As part of his ongoing desire to honor his service James, Continue(s) to donate to various charities (wounded warrior, cancer society, mental health awareness and support, substance abuse, foster children aid and feed the needy), volunteer time when I can by giving back showing gratitude for the patriotic support to all who has given me while I served our country. I do my best to live up to the Marine Corps Corps Values and strive to emulate  the poem from President Theodore Roosevelt “The Man In The Arena.”

Meet finalist Chris Slindee of Knight Transportation: US Army, who drives to honor the memory of his late father:

It has helped me to cope with the loss of my dad. I have his bracelet and one of his pendants that used to hang from the center of his overhead while he drove… it is like he is with me here all of the time. I get a lot of time to be able to think things through and remember to be positive and still remember that yes it’s hard, but he would be proud of who I am- he always was proud of who I am, but now I feel like I can continue to make him proud and get to all 48 states. My next goal is to get that pin that says that I got to all 48 and put it on his gravestone.

To honor his service Chris says, I think the biggest thing I do is I still talk to a lot of people I used to work with in the military. If they just want to vent or if someone asks me for some guidance… whether it is text or phone call, I communicate with quite a few people, hoping to give them some insight to make a well-informed decision.

Contest Details

Through November 11th the public can vote for their top veteran pick. 

Truck Features:

Kenworth T680 with a 76-inch sleeper 

Paccar MX-13 engine

Paccar TX-12 automated transmission

Paccar DX-40 tandem rear axles

FASTPORT, Kenworth, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Hiring our Heroes Program are partnered to sponsor gifting this truck to a deserving veteran rookie truck driver.

In the words of Brad Bentley of FASTPORT, “It’s fully loaded… and would be life changing for the veteran that wins it.”

Kenworth’s Genevieve Bekkerus notes that this partnership is a natural extension of the company’s generations long history of working with the United States to produce equipment that supports our troops.

Col. Adam Rocke of Hiring Our Heroes asserts that the skills veterans gain serving in the military makes them competitive across the board as they transition– trucking is no exception–from leadership to dedication, veterans have the character and the skills to get the job done.

To learn more about the contest rules, timeline, and nominees please visit the Transition in Trucking site.


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