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Forward Air and Hope for the Warriors have come together to do something bordering on the miraculous: they are mechanically engineering cars and rigs for soldier that lost limbs fighting for the country. Forward Air has partnered with Hope for the Warriors to raise funds to better serve our veterans through a golf classic. 

“We use every penny to help veterans that were injured in combat. We accommodate it to the (veterans) needs… sometimes we’ve been able to help even severely disabled veterans– double and triple amputees,” says Ryan Gilliam of Forward Air.

The transition into the civilian world comes with challenges and apprehension– but for soldiers that have lost limbs the venture is especially daunting. These vehicles give them freedom to those that fought for ours. This is the first ever golf invitation to fund these vehicles, but there are plans in place to engineer trucking rigs that are adapted to veterans with disabilities needs.

That investment will provide both mobility and an occupation that would otherwise be out of reach.

Hope for the Warriors has many programs serving veterans– one of which is their Warriors Wish that helped Glas. This initiative grants a wish to a deserving disabled veteran, “hope for the warriors has granted nearly 200 wishes, totaling more than $1 million in transformative experiences for severely-injured veterans.”

Forward Air is also hard at work to recognize, honor and support our post 9/11 service members: They also have a wonderful initiative called Drive for Hope that helps provide disabled veterans with vehicles that accommodate their needs. 

Veterans In Trucking CEO Roger Fair was proud and honored to participate in the invitational as a player and to help sponsor the event. “I had the privilege to represent us at this unbelievable event put on by Forward Air and Hope for the warriors. They were fantastic– they featured pro football baseball and other celebrities and raised $375,000 dollars today to put wounded warriors to work in the trucking industry.”

“There are over 45,000 military and veteran non-profit organizations in America all that work or claim to work to help our veterans. Working with VSO’s that have a mission to help provide a better quality of life for veterans is important.  Hope for the Warrior is a strong organization that provides programs, service and support designed to help veterans and their families better acclimate to civilian life,” says President of Veterans In Trucking Randy Dye.

Veterans Advantage recognizes Hope For The Warriors as a premier organization serving our veterans: “Hope for the Warriors provides comprehensive support programs for service members, veterans, and military families that are focused on transition, health and wellness, peer engagement, and connections to community resources.”

“Veterans In Trucking looks to these types of organizations to open the door to more veterans that have skills and need to see opportunity that is available in the transportation industry. There are many companies that are partnered with these organizations to tap into the energy that is needed to bring opportunity to our veterans,” says President of Veterans In Trucking Randy Dye.