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United States Marine Corps veteran, Tommy Caldwell, cherishes the time he gets to spend exploring his homeland as a trucker. 

“When I was in the Marine Corps, I saw all around the world: Hawaii, Australia, Japan, Thailand… but I had never really seen our country.” 

Tommy served in the Marine Corps for nine years as an Anti-Tank Assault Gunner. He completed two full tours, 1985-1994, that took him all across the world. But now, as a trucker, he gets to spend time appreciating the beauty of the land he swore to protect. 

Within my first 10 years (of driving), I got to see all of the great sights, the Grand Canyon, Niagra Falls, Mt. Rushmore.” 

“Driving is a sense of freedom for me.” 

Tommy is thankful his career path let him behind the wheel of a truck. He had previously received his insurance license in California and worked a 9-5 job. But, putting on a suit and tie each day and reporting to a desk wasn’t the lifestyle Tommy craved. 

“It was a good job, but it was such a difference from being out on my own doing things like in the military.” 

He walked away from his insurance job and ended up working in a warehouse where he interacted with truckers quite often. After getting to know the drivers, he got a glimpse of the lifestyle he missed from being in the military

Tommy has been trucking ever since. He now has a reputation at CRST, one that was achieved after 26 years and 2.5 million miles of service to the company, and comes with a level of trust and respect. 

“Sometimes there’s bad weather or a bad winter and there are times where it gets hectic but my company and my boss know what I can do…they let me do my job without being over my shoulder.” 

CRST always has Tommy’s back and they don’t deny him the freedoms of the trucking lifestyle.

“They all know me on a first-name basis because I’ve been here so long. They’re very good people, very personable. They work with you in any situation, they try to help you personally or professionally.” 

Tommy’s rig proudly displays the United State’s flag and Marine Core emblem as he treks across the country he so deeply loves and continues to serve out on the road. 

“I’m proud to have served, I love my country, and I love what I’m doing now, trying to move freight back and forth across the country.”