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Content sponsored by Clean Harbors.

Clean Harbors is proud to announce they will honor veteran driver, Rob Roy, for his service to the country and company. Roy will display a custom, military-themed rig at the Veterans In Trucking Showcase at the Mid-America Trucking Show this month.

Rob Roy joined the U.S. Army in 1986 and served for just over eight years. 

His father was an Army veteran, which meant Roy was already familiar with the dedication it takes to serve and the impact it has on family members. 

“He passed away in the early 80s. So when I joined, I had to promise my Mom that I wouldn’t serve in a combat unit.”

Roy’s MOS was 31M Radio Communications and he received orders for Germany in November 1986.

While stationed in Germany, Roy met his bride, a fellow soldier, whom he married on January 3, 1989.

“We took a hop back to the US. We first went to Cincinnati. That’s where she’s from, to meet her parents, then two of her friends drove us down to Columbus, GA to meet my family. While there, we got married by the Justice of the Peace. Then we went back to Germany. A few months later, we were doing a training on map reading and land formations. The building we were married in was right there in that training manual.”

Roy recalled his time in the military with great fondness and appreciation for his country.

“I enjoyed my time in the military. Wearing the uniform was one of my greatest honors.  The military taught me a lot of things…take responsibility in everything you do! Take pride in everything you do! Try your best! Respect others!”

Rob is not only a veteran but has also been donating his time at the Dayton National Cemetery every year for Wreaths Across America. 

His work with veterans and Wreaths Across America began when he was visiting a VA hospital in 2018.

“I saw a bunch of vets with missing limbs. What I also saw was that these vets had smiles on their face. These were vets that got deployed to a foreign land to fight for our freedom.”

While there, Roy was deeply impacted and inspired to continue his service to our country by volunteering with veterans.

Roy is proud to represent Clean Harbors’ Tribute Truck in honor of Wreaths Across America this year.