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This Fall, Veterans In Trucking took veteran truck drivers into the Zion Wilderness for an unforgettable adventure– from rappelling down slot canyons to day hiking the stunning red HooDoos of Bryce Canyon challenged and connected them through nature. 

The Trip Comes at No Cost to Veterans

Veterans In Trucking and several truck carriers sponsored the cost of the trip: The trip was free for veterans to attend in acknowledgement of their service and gratitude for their work to protect and serve the United States. 

Check out the Trip Below!

Honor & Unite Veterans

Veterans In Trucking is on a mission to unite and honor veterans across the industry. As we look to serve our veteran drivers, we’ve developed excursions that get veterans back into nature. These outdoors trips feature the opportunity to see the country that they served in uniform, but they also help plug veterans into the brotherhood of drivers.

VIT was thrilled to partner with Waypoint Vets– a non-profit organization that helped facilitate top tier lodging for veterans. 

Luxury Lodging & Chef-prepared Food

Luxury cabins had rooms that  had in-room fireplaces, state-of-the-art kitchens, and sunken tubs. And veterans were treated to home cooked, chef-prepared meals: Meals were served family-style around a kitchen table in the central cabin and garnished with the laughter and easy friendship the group quickly developed.

“Photos by: Rachel File | Elope with Rachel” 

The food and fun were heightened by the stunning vistas of Zion— world class beauty in one of America’s gemstone National Parks. There couldn’t have been a better place to connect with other veterans that deeply love their country.

Someone Missing Circle

The trips also united veterans as they talked about the challenges they faced in the military– veterans circled around an empty chair draped in a US flag: The chair represented those they left behind in war.

Each veteran received dog tags with the names of those they had lost. And at evening bonfires that went late into the night, they shared war stories and about hardships that only other veterans could understand.

Veterans In Trucking has even more exciting events coming up next year! Trips and dates are still being finalized, but the proposed upcoming trips include:

Join Us for the Next Trip!

If you are interested in attending an upcoming Veterans In Trucking trip or sponsoring a veteran to attend feel free to reach out to: [email protected]