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Recently, Bill Maher lectured his liberal audience on how ungrateful many are to live in the United States. He reminded his audience that in the U.S. we don’t flee for our lives by grabbing onto a plane in the middle of take off. Maher joked that we wait to fight until we get on the plane, and we only do it then because the beverage cart stopped serving.

Watching (things) go down in Afghanistan I was reminded of every conversation I’ve ever had with an immigrant– almost all of which if we got to really talking, ‘oh, you people have no idea…. All you do is badmouth your own country. But if you knew about the country I came you would stop (badmouthing) your own.’”

Maher’s monologue on the United States reminds his woke audience that this is a great country: “We’re not the bad guys,” the liberal comedian remarked on his show. “Oppression is what we were trying to stop in Afghanistan.”

“We failed, but any immigrant will tell you we’ve largely succeeded here, and yet the overriding thrust of current woke ideology is that America is rotten to the core, irredeemably racist from the moment it was founded.” he said.

Did liberal cynicism result in the punishing retreat from Afghanistan? 

Arguably, we did not fail Afghanistan: Days before the country fell, CNN interviewed a woman that owned a yoga studio. Before the United States gained control of Afghanistan, she would not have been allowed to leave the house without a male relative, let alone own her own business. But that day, she was surrounded in her studio by women that would have fit in anywhere in California.

The journalist asked her plans for the future now that the Taliban were coming. She replied that she has no plans… because she has no future.

If our current leaders believed in American values, perhaps the withdrawal wouldn’t have been a cynical, dangerous exit. 

Maher goes on to describe a comedian the Taliban recently abducted, tortured and murdered. For Maher, the murder hit close to home, but for every journalist, it’s a reminder that the right to free speech is under attack around the world and here in the United States.

Today, we enjoy the incredible privilege, “to speak truth to power.” But only if our we value or own values. Are free to practice freedom of speech. We have to remember the rest of the world doesn’t take that for granted.

Maher goes on, “Have you ever heard of honor killings? Public beheadings? Throwing gay men off of roofs? Arranged marriages to minors? State-sanctioned wife-beating? Female genital mutilation? Marriage by capture? Because we have,’” Maher added.

He says that liberals have gone too far in condemning the United States. “They have no perspective.” 


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