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The Patriot tier is the association's base level of support. Your contribution will directly fund impactful, veteran-led retreats and other strategic pro-veteran programs. Membership perks include:

  • Placement on the VIT website as a pro-veteran employer
  • VIT Official Partner graphic for showcasing on your company website
  • VIT Official Partner certificate for displaying throughout your organization
  • Optional inclusion of your company's veteran benefits in VIT's member directory (launching in January 2023)

Patriot Plus

The Patriot Plus tier is an important pillar of the association's operations. In addition to the benefits from the Patriot tier, your membership perks will also include:

  • 1 annual Sponsored Content Article outlining your pro-veteran benefits
  • Expand your social media presence as a leader in veterans’ employment by leveraging VIT's online network


The Cobalt sponsorship is among our most impactful association memberships. Your organization will be a key contributor to VIT's quarterly expeditions and pro-veteran advocacy programs. In addition to the benefits from the Patriot Plus tier, your membership perks will also include:

  • Submitting 1 driver for a once-in-a-lifetime trip in nature with a focus on wellness and skill-building through events ranging from canyoneering to day hiking. Chef-prepared meals, lodging, gear, expedition guides, and travel costs are fully included.
  • 1 On-the-scenes, patriotic video garnered in some of the country's most spectacular locations with an accompanying branded article.
  • Your inclusion within the VIT Member Directory will be accompanied by a link for interested veterans to apply directly to work for your organization.


We consider each Gold sponsor to be a foundational partner for the Veterans In Trucking cause. Gold sponsors set the gold standard for support of the Veterans In Trucking mission, and their contributions have significant and wide-ranging impacts for veterans and the trucking industry at large. In addition to the benefits from the Cobalt tier, your membership perks will also include:

  • 1 additional driver for VIT's veteran expeditions (2 total)
  • 1 additional branded, patriotic video with accompanying article (2 total)
  • Premier placement on the VIT Website as a top pro-veteran employer
  • Your organization will be exclusively and prominently featured at the gold level in VIT's member directory
  • 2 reserved spots to showcase your custom-wrapped trucks at the 2023 VIT Showcase at the Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS). This will also include 2 sponsored content articles about the trucks/drivers in additional to relevant content being promoted across all of VIT's social channels during the event.
  • Inclusion in VIT's Partnership Program where you'll receive 25 official partner fleet trailer decals, 1 official VIT partner program plaque, a 12-month placement on the VIT job board, and 12 months of display ads running for your organization on the VIT website.