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We are taking veterans on unforgettable adventures! From outdoor trips featuring the opportunity to see the country that they served in uniform to showing off their trucks on the 2023 MATS showroom floor.

Join us in Honoring Deserving Veterans in the Transportation Industry

We have a number of exciting events planned in 2023, from the Veterans in Trucking Showcase at MATS, to our Mission Veteran Expedition opportunities in Hawaii, Washington, California, and Vietnam.

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2023 MATS Showcase

March 30-April 1

Honor a deserving veteran driver from your fleet with their military-themed truck wrap at MATS 2023 in the Veterans In Trucking Showcase.

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Pearl Harbor Discovery Tour & Volcano Expedition

Hawaii • May 26-30

This outdoor adventure commemorates Memorial Day with a tour of the Pearl Harbor Memorial: We are highlighting the history of trucks both as defenders of the weak and as liberators in American conflict theaters. This trip will also feature a stunning hike on one of Hawaii’s famed jungle volcanoes. These volcanoes parallel the beauty inherent in service, while reminding veterans of the power of what may lay dormant within following their sacrifice.

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Salmon Fishing in Seattle & Homeless Veterans Service Project

Washington • July

We are proud to offer this experience for both its world class fishing and hiking opportunities. We also feel this is a strong offering because it will have an element of service– American military personnel will volunteer to aid veterans that are still seeking a peaceful transition into civilian life. We know that many veterans have found that serving military personnel in challenging situations helps them establish some of their own healing and find further purpose.

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Big Sur: Veterans, Monarchs, & the Life of Purpose

California • October

This expedition features the stunning vistas and coastal views of Big Sur, one of the most beautiful scenic areas of the country. Veterans will visit the Monarch Groves of Pismo Beach to see the hundreds of thousands of butterflies that gather to winter there every year. These Monarchs travel 3,000 miles over five generations, and they symbolize the ongoing purpose each veteran serves, wherever they are on their journey.

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Honoring Vietnam Veterans: Saigon Tour & Cave Expedition

Vietnam • November

Our Saigon experience will highlight the heroic aspects of American courage during the Vietnam War, including stories from Operation Babylift, which rescued 3,000 Vietnamese orphans from certain death. The outdoor expedition features the most beautiful cave system on the planet. It is a visual metaphor for overcoming and shedding light to bring about healing and reveal beauty.

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Mission Veteran Expedition: Zion, Utah 2022

VIT’s outdoor recreation events and the networking opportunities they represent can re-instill veterans’ sense of belonging, purpose, and community, consequently establishing veterans in their mission with transportation.

Sarah SherbonDirector of Veteran Affairs, Veterans In Trucking

Program Details

We are on a mission to unite and honor veterans in trucking. We invite carriers to partner with us as we look to serve our veterans in the trucking industry!

Who is the event open to?

The Mission Veterans Expedition is open to anyone that’s served in the US military and is now in the trucking industry.

How fit do attendees need to be?

All activities are designed to accommodate any fitness comfort level and are extremely accessible.

How do I select my destination?

Contact us below to learn more about which events have spaces available for enrollment.


Depending on scheduling, lodging will range from luxury hotels to adventurous beach-side camping along stunning coasts.


Attendees will fly or drive into the expedition, where they will meet the Trip Leader. All other transportation will be facilitated during the retreat. In order to ensure flight arrivals and departure times are as close together as possible, drivers will arrive by truck or via a prearranged airport within the same window.


Fabulous, top tier, chef-prepared meals that accomodate for dietary restrictions.