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Bryce Canyon Day Hiking

Spend the day hiking through Utah’s iconic red rock formations and take in the vast beauty of the landscape alongside fellow veterans.

This guided tour through Bryce Canyon is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on visitors and veterans alike.


Experience the raw beauty of Zion up close by rappelling down the red rock cliff faces of Lamb’s Knoll Canyon.

Conquer this mild canyoneering excursion alongside fellow veterans, building camaraderie and trust as you accomplish the mission together.

Honor & Unite

Join other former service members in the stunning vistas of Zion and experience the world-class beauty of one of America’s gemstone National Parks.

There couldn’t be a better place to connect with veterans that share the same deep love for their country.

Connect Over Campfire

This expedition will also include bonfires and activities geared to help you unwind among the stunning vistas and panoramic views of Zion.

Share experiences and bond together as veteran drivers, letting the nature of Zion provide additional healing and tranquility.

Program Details

We are on a mission to unite and honor veterans in trucking. We invite carriers to partner with us as we look to serve our veterans in the trucking industry!

Who is the event open to?

Mission Veteran Expedition is open to anyone that’s served in the US military and is now in the trucking industry.

How fit do attendees need to be?

All activities are designed to accommodate any fitness comfort level and are extremely accessible.

How do I select my destination?

Contact us below to learn more about which events have spaces available for enrollment.


Depending on scheduling, lodging will range from luxury hotels to adventurous beach-side camping along stunning coasts.


Attendees will fly or drive into the expedition, where they will meet the Mission Veteran Expedition trip leader. All other transportation will be facilitated during the retreat. To ensure efficiency based on flight arrival and departure times, drivers will have a prearranged transportation time to and from the airport.


Fabulous, top tier, chef-prepared meals that accomodate for dietary restrictions.