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Salmon Fishing in Seattle & Homeless Veterans Service Project

Join us for this world-class salmon fishing expedition! Whether you are a skilled angler with a lifetime of experience, or a complete novice, our expert guides will ensure our veterans have memories to last a lifetime. Come bond with other veteran truckers as you reel in the big one and take time to hike the uniquely stunning Olympic National Forest. This trip is also special because it is our only 2023 offering with a service component: Veterans will spend an afternoon volunteering with homeless veterans that are still seeking a peaceful transition.

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Salmon Fishing in Seattle

Anglers come from all over the continent seeking the king salmon: There’s definite pride behind hooking and fighting to bring in this region’s trophy fish. They average at a whopping thirty-six inches and weigh in at about 30 pounds, but they can be much bigger!

Veterans will have a chance to cook up and share their catch as they swap fishing tales and war stories.

Hike Olympic National Forest

July is the perfect time to see the vast carpets of sweet pea flowers, yellow lilies that fill trailside streams, and fields of shockingly red and orange mountain flowers. Olympic National Forest is one of the most remote areas in the continental United States, and the hiking is unparalleled for its lush, mysterious beauty.

Hikers step back into an otherworldly paradise of cascading emerald moss and towering trees and trek the black coasts with their towering sea stacks and brightly colored tidal pools.

Enjoy panoramic views of the Olympic National Forest, while keeping an eye out for the snow-white mountain goats, bald eagles, marine life, and marmots.

Help Veterans Find Their Way Home

There is something holy about the stillness among all the silent, giant trees, with their broad canopy like a great green cathedral. Perhaps this is why homeless veterans brave a twelve-foot blanket of annual rainfall. Tragically, however, in their quest for a peaceful transition, many of these veterans live in dire circumstances– they often suffer from disease and ailments, scratching out a living in backwoods trailers without electricity, covered in inches of rainforest mold.

Sarje’s Veterans Home is working to change that. They house veterans and help them find healing through work in their community garden– this garden provides nutrition for veterans and vegetable sales are a means of supporting their needs. We invite trip participants to spend a morning lending a hand to help this mission and to aid other veterans still seeking a peaceful transition.

Program Details

We are on a mission to unite and honor veterans in trucking. We invite carriers to partner with us as we look to serve our veterans in the trucking industry!

Who is the event open to?

Mission Veteran Expedition is open to anyone that’s served in the US military and is now in the trucking industry.

How fit do attendees need to be?

All activities are designed to accommodate any fitness comfort level and are extremely accessible.

How do I select my destination?

Contact us below to learn more about which events have spaces available for enrollment.


Depending on scheduling, lodging will range from luxury hotels to adventurous beach-side camping along stunning coasts.


Attendees will fly or drive into the expedition, where they will meet the Mission Veteran Expedition trip leader. All other transportation will be facilitated during the retreat. To ensure efficiency based on flight arrival and departure times, drivers will have a prearranged transportation time to and from the airport.


Fabulous, top tier, chef-prepared meals that accomodate for dietary restrictions.