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Big Sur: Veterans, Monarchs, & the Life of Purpose

Veterans In Trucking is proud to offer an opportunity for veterans to see the incredibly beautiful country that they helped protect! The sights of Big Sur are particularly gorgeous: stunning vistas, towering waterfalls, and pristine coasts ring one of the most beautiful scenic areas of the country. Hikes and traverses offer veterans a chance to build enjoy fellowship with other service members, with adventures that emphasize skill building. Veterans will also visit the Monarch Groves of famed Pismo Beach to see the thousands of butterflies that gather to winter there every year. And as a special addition to the trip veterans will hike among the towering Redwoods.

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Pismo Beach– Monarch Migration

Pismo Beach is already a magnificent white sand beach strip, but its southern flank hosts one of the largest monarch colonies in the nation. The eucalyptus groves host butterflies that cluster to form a fiery stained glass, shingle effect.

These monarchs travel 3,000 miles over five generations and symbolize the ongoing purpose each veteran serves, wherever they are on their journey.


The majestic redwoods have towered over humanity for more than two thousand years, and visitors find that the hiking trails among the giants have a Jurassic era, misty sort of mystery.

Veterans will traverse the cathedral-like red forest floor that is broken by whimsical jade and emerald ferns, watching for black-tailed deer, raccoons, skunks, birds such as dippers, belted kingfishers, and wild turkeys, and even the occasional bobcat. The hike will end with the silvery Pfeiffer Waterfalls.

Sunset Hike Keyhole Arch

For this adventure, veterans will take a sunset hike along the pockets of violet-purple sands of Pfeiffer Beach. The grandest highlight of this traverse is the Keyhole Arch– a doorway in the sea stacks that forms a grand stone arc over the pounding waves.

Program Details

We are on a mission to unite and honor veterans in trucking. We invite carriers to partner with us as we look to serve our veterans in the trucking industry!

Who is the event open to?

Mission Veteran Expedition is open to anyone that’s served in the US military and is now in the trucking industry.

How fit do attendees need to be?

All activities are designed to accommodate any fitness comfort level and are extremely accessible.

How do I select my destination?

Contact us below to learn more about which events have spaces available for enrollment.


Depending on scheduling, lodging will range from luxury hotels to adventurous beach-side camping along stunning coasts.


Attendees will fly or drive into the expedition, where they will meet the Mission Veteran Expedition trip leader. All other transportation will be facilitated during the retreat. To ensure efficiency based on flight arrival and departure times, drivers will have a prearranged transportation time to and from the airport.


Fabulous, top tier, chef-prepared meals that accomodate for dietary restrictions.